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The vision of the Global Journal of Management & Social Sciences and Humanitie is to provide a platform to the members of research community living in different parts of the world to exchange knowledge and reap benefit from the experience of one another. The Journal has intended to promote healthy values among the researchers so that they may be able to contribute in the uplift of human beings. The important point of vision is to make this journal as a leading star by promoting original and innovative research which will not only beneficial for existing generation but also for coming generations. The objective of this journal is to facilitate knowledge accumulation, knowledge management and knowledge dissemination and as such all research papers will be published in good faith without any discrimination. All papers will be evaluated on merit which means that if a research paper written by any author meets basic criteria of research it will be published without any other consideration.


Keeping in view the above mission this journal has opted the following principles as its core objectives: -

  • To make this Journal as a leading research documents which will be reliable, useable and beneficial for the researchers living in different parts of world.
  • To encourage young researchers to get published their original research work and become a versatile member of research community.
  • To strictly discourage plagiarism in any form and blacklist the author to be involved in such unethical activities.
  • To publish research papers, research reports, case studies and articles written on specific social and business issues and having their possible solutions.
  • To encourage the authors to get published papers having originality values and practical implications.
  • To make this journal as a leading research entity by following healthy standards, norms of ethics and unbiased approach.
  • To widen the scope of journal so that the researchers of the whole world may be able to contribute into it

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