Global Journal of Management, Social Sciences and Humanities


Vol 1 No.1, Oct-Dec, 2015
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1 Analysis of the impact of 2008 financial crisis on Economics, political and health systems and societies of Advanced Countries - Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Awan 1-16 PDF
2 Comparison of GTM and Direct Method of teaching English at Elementary level in Pakistan - Allah Nawaz 17-30 PDF
3 Problems of small Entrepreneurial firms operating in Pakistan - Adeba Farah 31-40 PDF
4 The effect of change management on the performance of a business organization: A case study of banking sector in Pakistan - Fizza Saleem Qureshi 41-56 PDF
5 Impact of Agriculture productivity on economic growth: A case study of Pakistan - Ateeqa Aslam 56-71 PDF
6 Punjab Education Foundation's Role in Enhancing Literacy Rate: A Case Study of Multan District-Pakistan - Akmal Paper 72-90 PDF
Vol 2 No.1, Oct-Mar, 2016

Vol 2 No.1, Jan-Mar,2016
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1 3G Technology Use in Pakistan and its impact on Acceptance Behaviour - Mariam Zahra 1-12 PDF
2 Impact of Rural Women Education On Household Welfare - Ayesha Munir 13-23 PDF
3 Teaching English as a secondary language in Pakistan at secondary level - Abdul Aziz Hiraj 24-37 PDF
4 Islamic banking scenario in Pakistan - Shabana Sheikh 38-57 PDF
5 Analysis Of Customers Preferences Regarding Brandswitching in Cellular sector of Pakistan - Hafiz Adnan 58-88 PDF
6 Need to Design an ESP course For Medical Representatives in Pakistan - Agha Masood Ahmed Khan 89-108 PDF
7 Author’s Guideline # PDF
Vol 2 No.1, Jan-Mar,2016

Vol 2 No.2, Apr-Jun,2016
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1 Financial performance of ic and Conventional Banks in Pakistan. Maria Hanif 1-28 PDF
2 Analysis of teaching methods of English Language at Government Secondary School level in D.G.Khan City Pakistan. Mehvish Shafi 29-46 PDF
3 Impact of Empowerment, and self-esteemed on employees’ creativity. Ahmad Zamir 47-58 PDF
4 Comparison of socio-economic characteristics of farming families in central and southern regions of Punjab Province of Pakistan. Dr. Nasir Nadeem 59-70 PDF
5 Fashion conscious behavior of working and non-working women in Pakistan-An empirical analysis. Shaiygon Madni 71-85 PDF
6 An evaluation of the causes of low achievement in English at Elementary level in District Vehari. Ayesha Khaliq 86-96 PDF
7 Author’s Guideline 97 PDF
Vol 2 No.2, Apr-Jun,2016

Vol 2 No.3, Jul-Sept,2016
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1 Analysis of the impact of Cellphone Usage on Pakistan’s Culture. Syed Farhan Gilani 1-31 PDF
2 Impact of structural changes on employees’ turnover intentions: A case study of Multan Electric Power Company-Pakistan. Rao Imran Ali. 32-53 PDF
3 Impact of Introversion/Extroversion personality types in ESL proficiency in writing skill at Master level. Muhammad Tariq Ayub 54-71 PDF
4 Customer Preferences in selection of Islamic and Conventional Banking in Pakistan. Muhammad Zeeshan 72-101 PDF
5 The impact of intra-group conflict on the performance of banks’ employees: A case study of twin cities of Pakistan. Muhammad Ismail. 102-112 PDF
6 Author’s Guidelines 113 PDF
Vol 2 No.3, Jul-Sept,2016

Vol 2 No.4, Oct-Dec,2016
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1 Waves of anti-globalization and capitalism and its impact on world economy - Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Awan 1-21 PDF
2 The effects of totalitarianism and marxism towards dystopian society in george orwell's selected fictions - Syed Ahmed Raza 21-37 PDF
3 Effects of Technical Innovation on Rural Employment in Agriculture sector in district Vehari-Pakistan - Dilshad Hussain 38-56 PDF
4 Analysis of code mixing in pakistani english - Sobia Suleman 57-76 PDF
5 Analysis of the capital structure of selected listed pakistani textile firms - Shumaila Basheer 77-92 PDF
6 Author’s Guidelines # PDF
Vol 2 No.4, Jul-Sept,2016

Vol 3 No.1, Jan-March,2017
1 Exchange Rate Volatility and its Impact on Pakistan's International Trade - Aasia Gul 1-18 PDF
2 Notions of Hybrid Identities: Apostcolonial Insight into Diasporic features in "Brick Lane" and "Anamerican Brat" - Tehniat 19-39 PDF
3 Pakistan’s Informal Sector Analysis of Women Discrimination: Evidence from Pakistan’s Informal Sector - Quratulain 40-56 PDF
4 Investigating an Effective Collaborative Teaching Writing Approach in Non-Elite English Medium School in Southern Punjab-Pakistan - Qamar Sabira 57-80 PDF
5 Impact of Human Capital Formation on Pakistan’s Economic Growth - Ali Saeed 81-102 PDF
6 Esp Needs Analaysis of Undergraduate Engineering Students: A Case Study of Multan - Zeb Saleem 103-119 PDF
Vol 3 No.1, Jan-March,2017

Vol 3 No.2, Apr-Jun,2017
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1 Factors Affecting Internet Banking usage: A Case Study Of Professional Graduates of Pakistan - Sonia Hassan. 126-147 PDF
2 Effects Of Knowledge Sharing Ondoctors Performance: A Case Study of Publicand Private Hospitals In Multan-Pakistan - Amina Zahra 148-163 PDF
3 Assessment Of Self-Medication Practiceamong 4th Year Mbbs Students In Nmc, Multan-Pakistan -Dr Anam Khalid. 164-181 PDF
4 Comparative Analysis Of The Business Products of Islamic and Conventional banks in Pakistan - Syeda Kehkshan Iqbal 182-220 PDF
5 Code-Switching In Bapsi Sidhwas's Novel "Icy-Candy Man - Tariq Mehmood 228-246 PDF
6 Knowledge Aptitude And Perspective Study Regarding Awareness Of Dengue Fever Among 4Th Year Students Of Nishtar Medical College, Multan-Pakistan - Dr Hajrah 247-257 PDF
7 Comparative Analysis of "Ice Candy-Man", "Train to Pakistan" and "Alakh Nagri" in Perspective of Creation of Pakistan - Mavera Sultan. 258-279 PDF
8 Ownership Satisfaction in Franchising Business:Evidence From Pakistan's Telecom Sector - Saima Batool 296-316 PDF
9 Relational Aspects of Substance Abuse, Quality of Life and Anger among Adults - Sonia Hassan 317-351 PDF
10 Gender Differences and its Impact on Students'Performance: A Socio-Linguistic Analysis - Maryam Sheikh 352-372 PDF
Vol 3 No.2, Apr-Jun,2017

Vol 3 - No. 3 (July - Sept, 2017)
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1 Consumers' Behaviour Towards the choice of Shopping Malls and Traditional Market - Rukh-e-Zara. 373-394 PDF
2 Global Climate Change And Its Impact On Agriculture Sector Of Pakistan - Ghulam Yaseen. 395-417 PDF
3 Impact Of Human Capital Development on Pakistan's Economic Growth - Mohammad Kamran. 418-439 PDF
4 The Impact of Mall Than Call on EFL Students in the Universities of the Southern Punjab 440-457 PDF
5 Social Issues In The Novel "How To Get Filthy rich In Rising Asia" By Mohsin Hamid - Tahir Yousaf 458-481 PDF
6 'Critical Discourse Analysis of Jane Austien's Novel "Pride And Prejudices" - Asifa Kirna 482-498 PDF
7 Impact Of Task-Based Instructions (Tbi) on Writing Proficiency of Esl Learners at Intermediate Level - Breera Ilyas. 499-514 PDF
8 A Study of Dictionary using Habits of Students at Secondary Level in the Urdu Medium Schools in District Khanewal - Pakistan 515-533 PDF
9 Analysis of the Impact Of Agro – Industrial Sectors on Pakistan's Economic Growth - Irfan 534-552 PDF
10 Esl Learners and Teachers Preferences towards Computer Technology in Esl Class Rooms at Postgraduate Level - Abida Riaz 553-576 PDF
Vol 3 - No. 3 (July - Sept, 2017)

Vol 3 - No. 4 (Oct - Dec, 2017)
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1 The Impact of War Against Terrorism on Pakistan's Economy - Munaza Yaseen 577-593 PDF
2 Relationship between Locus of Control, Life Satisfaction and Self-esteem among University Students in Pakistan - Zia Ur Rehman 594-619 PDF
3 Impact Of Education on Socio-economic status of People: A Case Study of District Multan - Hafiz Muhammad Naveed 620-640 PDF
4 Oil Price Fluctuations and its Impact on Pakistan's Economic Growth - Muhammad Awais 641-662 PDF
5 A Psychoanalytic Study of Female Character of Rukhsana Ahmad's Gatekeeper's Wife and Other Short Stories - Nadia Wajdani 663-682 PDF
6 Relationship between Corporate Governance and Firm Perfomance: A Case Study of the Selected Companies from Pakistan Stock Exchange - Qammar Abbas 683-712 PDF
7 A Constrastive Study of GTM And CLT in Teaching English Grammar at Higher Secondary School Level In Pakistan 713-728 PDF
8 Impact of Political Instability on Pakistan's Economic Growth - Noor-ul-Ain 729-748 PDF
9 The Effects of Marxism on The Characters in Mohsin Hamid’s Novel: "Moth Smoke" and Zulfiqar Ghous’s Novel: "Murder Of Aziz Khan" - Shahida Perveen 749-772 PDF
10 Evaluation Of Occupational Hazards Ofworkers Working Atvital Tea Factory Tehsilharoonabad, District Bahawalnagar - Pakistan - Dr. Sana Rafique 773-783 PDF
Vol 3 - No. 4 (Oct - Dec, 2017)

Special Edition (July - Sept, 2017)
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1 Need to get guidance from the practices of the Holy Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH) - Akhtar Hussain 1-15 PDF
2 Pir Syed Naseer-ud-din Naseer Gillani's Concept of Spirtualism - Jamil Ahmed 16-38 PDF
3 The study of the narration of Ahadis from Hazrat Jabir Bin Abdullah Ansari - Imran Ansari 39-56 PDF
4 Analysis of literary services of Dar-ul-uloom of Kabirwala - Abdul Hameed 57-70 PDF
5 Critical Analysis of the legal validity of three divorces at a time - Javeria Tehseen 71-84 PDF
6 Causes of sectarianism in Pakistan and its solution - Azhar Ahmad Ali 85-105 PDF
7 Benefits of Family life in Islam in the light of Quran-o-Sunnah - Misba Tehseen 106-135 PDF
8 Analysis of education and training system in Sub-continents in the light of Syed Manazir Hussain Gillani's thoughts - Muhammad Arif 136-152 PDF
9 Comparative study of Khutbat-i-Madaris and Muhaziraat-i-Seerat - Amjad Ali 153-189 PDF
10 Study of Urdu literature of tafaseer regarding ashaab-ul-Aaraf - Bushra Perveen 190-211 PDF
Special Issue (July - Sept, 2017)

Special Edition (Oct - Dec, 2017)
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1 Essays Relating To The Biography Of The Holy Prophet In Masnad-I-Abu Hurah - Shafeeq-ur-Rehman 212-229 PDF
2 Importance of The Study of "Seerat" in the textbooks of Public Educational Institutions of Punjab - Munawar Hussain 230-251 PDF
3 Comparative Study of Ten Commandments of Holy Quran And Torah - Shagufta Perveen 252-271 PDF
4 Analytical Study of "The Importance Of The Battle of Badar" in Islam - Misbah Naz 272-288 PDF
5 Nurturing of offspring in Islam in the Light of Shaikh Nasih's Thoughts - Abdul Rauf 289-308 PDF
6 Rights Of Women In The Light Of Surah 'Nisa' Of The Holy Quran - Sajadullah 309-326 PDF
7 Role of "Fatawa Naziria" in Understanding Injuctions and Issues in Modern World - Aamir Sharif 327-335 PDF
8 Overview of the scientific knowledge of Abdul Hameed Sufi - Asma Noor 336-351 PDF
Special Issue (Oct - Dec, 2017)

Special Edition (Jan - March, 2018)
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1 Protection of the Rights of Women Andorphansin the Property of their Parents in the Light of Tafaseers: "Tibiyanul Quran" And "Tibiyanuo Furqan" - Tahira Parveen 1-18 PDF
2 The Study of "Surah Ahzab" in the Light of "Biyanul Quran" and "Tabiyanul Quran" and solution of the Present Social Issues - Mehreen Aqsa 19-51 PDF
3 Principles and Methodology of Islamic Preaching in Pluralistic Society - Asfa Naz 38-52 PDF
4 Ibn-E-Ikhaladoon's Concept of Education and Society - Riaz Ahmed 53-65 PDF
5 Analysis of Religious Thoughts of Khalifa Abdul Malik Bin Marvan - Shahnila Aslam 66-86 PDF
6 Understand the Biography of the Holy Prophet and Current Challenges to Islam - Asadullah 87-111 PDF
7 The Holy Quran and Creation of Human Being - Thoughts of Haroon Yahya - Kausar Perveen 112-135 PDF
8 Study of the Safety of Animals in the Light of Quranic Verses - Muhammad Bilal 136-149 PDF
9 Interperative Style pf Tibyanul Quran - Sumera Perveen 150-178 PDF
10 Description of Battle in the Books of Seerah of Maulana Idrees Kandhalvi and Pir Muhammad Karam Shah Al-Azhari: A Comparative Study - Nawaz 179-195 PDF
Special Issue (Jan - March, 2018)

Special Edition (April - June, 2018)
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 Causes of Intelerance and Need of Patience in the Light of Holy Quran and Sunnah - A.B.Riaz 196-222 PDF
2 Great Saints of Multan and History of Their Shrines and Social Importance - Saima Rasheed 223-245 PDF
3 Analysis of the Important Narrations of Syeda Ayesha Siddiqah (R.A) (In the Light of SIHAH AL-SITTAH) - Muhammad Hussain 246-255 PDF
4 A Comparative Study of Pre-Islamic Customs and Current Scenario of Religious Practices - Nimra Rehman 256-270 PDF
5 Analysis of the Quranic Services of Monthly Magazine "Muhadis" - Shazia Rafique 271-291 PDF
Special Issue (April - June, 2018)

Special Edition (July - Sept, 2018)
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1 Analysis of the Research Papers of Monthly Magazine Biographies of the Holy Prophets - Shakeela Naz 292-320 PDF
2 Analysis of the Struggle of Muslim Scholars for Revival of Quranic Education in Sub-Continent - Memoona Hassan 321-334 PDF
3 Study of Special Issues of Religious Journals on Hurmat-e-Rasool - Sajida Perveen 335-356 PDF
4 Study of the Ethics of Eating and Dressing in the Light of Quran-O-Sunnah - Kulsoom Akhtar 357-383 PDF
5 Critical Analysis of Dr.Asrar Ahmad's Concept of Seerat and Peaceful Revolution -Kausan Jaan 384-401 PDF
Special Issue (July - Sept, 2018)

Special Edition (Oct - Dec, 2018)
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1 Specific Study of "Biyan Ul Quran" Regarding Character Building in the Light of Surah-Al-Muminoon and Surah Al-Ma'rij - Misbah Noreen 402-423 PDF
2 Historical Background of Prisons and System of Prisons in Pakistan - Hafiz Muhammad Adnan 424-443 PDF
3 Effect of Enforcement of Hudood Ordinance on Pakistan’s Society - Hafiz Abdur Rehman Shahid 444-465 PDF
4 Comparative Analysis of the Books: "Paghamber-E-Azam-O-Akhir" and "Muhammad-U-Rasoolullah" in the Light of Principles of Seerat Nigari - Madiha Zaffar 466-485 PDF
5 Analysis of Social Benefits of Family Life in Islam in the Light of Bahishti Zewar and Jannati Zewar - Shumaila Naz 486-506 PDF
Special Issue (Oct - Dec, 2018)

Special Edition (Jan - March, 2019)
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1 Allama Abdul Mustafa Aazmi as a Seerat Nigar - Dr. Muhammad Siddiqui Sialvi 1-18 PDF
2 Social Training Of Individual In The Light Of The Biography Of The Holy Prophet - Ijaz Hussain 19-36 PDF
3 Objections Of Ahl-E-Kitab And Their Answers In The Light Of Written By Dr.Israr Ahmad (R.A) - Asia Saleem 37-61 PDF
4 Critical Analysis Of The Role Of Majlis-E-Shoora (Advisory Legislative Council) In Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique - Mariam Bibi 62-71 PDF
5 The Services of Mujallah Al-Tafseer (Karachi) In Developing Understanding of Quran - Sanaullah 72-83 PDF
Special Issue (Jan - March, 2019)

Special Edition (April - June, 2019)
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1 Specific Study of Religious and Epistemic Services of Muslim Women in the Light of Maulana Abul Hassan Ali Nadvi’S thoughts - Irshad Bibi 84-103 PDF
2 Comparative Study of the Rulings of Shariah in Surat-Ul-Hujrat - Rahila Asghar 104-133 PDF
3 Analytical Study of Important Urdu Books on the Topic of Tibb-E-Nabvi - Hafiz Riaz Ahmad 134-152 PDF
Special Issue (April - June, 2019)

Special Edition (July - Sept, 2019)
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1 Analytical Study of Prof. "Seerat-E-Pak--Issues and Debates." - Ghulam Sarwar 153-177 PDF
2 Role of Hypocrites in the Holy Prophet’S Era in the Light of the Holy Book of Quran - Farzana Kauser 178-205 PDF
3 Analytical Study of "AL RAHEEQUL MAKHTOOM" - Dr. Maqbool Hassan Gillani 206- 222 PDF
Special Issue (July - Sept, 2019)

Vol 4 - No. 1 (Jan - March, 2018)
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 Expansion of Small Enterprises in Pakistan and its Impact on Poverty Alleviation - Saima Kiran 1-18 PDF
2 Determinants of Female Enrollment at Higher Level of Education And its Impact on Economic Development - Noshee 19-45 PDF
3 Determinants of Firm Value: A Case Study of Chemical Industries of Pakistan - Usman 46-61 PDF
4 Critical Evaluation of William Tenessee plays "A street car named Desire and Glassmenagerie" - Uzma 62-88 PDF
5 Impact of Monetary Policy on Economic Growth: Evidence from Pakistan - Mehvish Aslam 89-109 PDF
6 The Role of Globalization in Employment Generation: Evidence from Pakistan - Kausar Kiran 111-132 PDF
7 Relationship between Poverty and Enviornmnetal Degradation in Pakistan - Babar Shehzad 133-155 PDF
8 Impact Of The Language Used By Social Media (Chatings And Sms) In English Language - Waqas Hafeez 156-180 PDF
9 Identification of Errors in English made by the Students at Graduation Level in Bahaudin Zakariya Universty Multan - Ejaz Hussain 181-210 PDF
10 Effect of School Environment on Teacher’s Motivation And Self-Esteem at Secondary Level in District Multan - Pakistan - Umair Hassan 211-223 PDF
Vol 4 - No. 1 (Jan - March, 2018)

Vol 4 - No. 2 (April - June, 2018)
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 Socio-Economic Determinants of Growing Health Problems in Multan City - Pakistan - Khadija Naqvi 224-258 PDF
2 Effect of Organizational Justice, Job Satisfaction and Trust on Managers on Employee Performance - Abida Perveen 259-279 PDF
3 Relationship Between Terrorism and Economic Growth: Evidence from Pakistan - Afia Batool 280-297 PDF
4 Role of Fiscal Policy in Employment Generation in Pakistan - Faqia Anwar 298-313 PDF
5 Employees Training And Development Programs And Their Impact On Organizational Productivity: A Comparative Study Of Private And Public Banks Of Pakistan - Hina Hameed 314-343 PDF
6 Use of Pictorial Techniques to Improve Writing Skills of the Students at Elementry Level - Ijaz Tagga 344-366 PDF
7 Right to education and the Marginalized Children: An Analysis of Child Labour - Mehreen Riaz 367-386 PDF
8 Empirical Analysis on the Impact of Perceived Product Price, Quality and Services on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty with Special Reference to Automotive Industry of Pakistan - Ayyaz Qamar 367-386 PDF
9 Modes Of Socio-Political And Cultural Representation: A Critical Study Of Post- Colonial South Asian Selected English Novels - Muzammil 407-445 PDF
10 Dictionary Using Habits: A Case Study of Pakistani Nurses - Shahid Farooq 446-475 PDF
Vol 4 - No. 2 (Jan - March, 2018)

Vol 4 - No. 3 (July - Sept, 2018)
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 Is Comparative Advantage Sustainable in International Trade? - Sonia Zahra 476-502 PDF
2 Economic Freedom of Women and Its Impact on Economic Growth - Ayesha Akbar 503-530 PDF
3 Impact of Human Capital Formation on Economic Growth: Evidence From Pakistan - Tasneem Azam 531-544 PDF
4 The Role of Technical and General Education in Human Resource Development - Ghulam Mursalin Mughal 545-573 PDF
5 Comparison of the Achievements of Public and Private Secondary Schools in District Khanewal-Pakistan - Altaf Hussain 574-605 PDF
6 The Impact of Corporal Punishment on Students’ Performance in Public Schools - Saeeda Iqbal Akhtar 606-621 PDF
7 Testing and Assessment of Large Classes in English Language - Ayesha Kamran 622-650 PDF
8 Matrimonial Issues and Marxist Approach in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen - Ambreen Ali Nasir 651-676 PDF
9 Aspects of Pakistani English in Candyman Delhi - Sumbal Hashmi 677-704 PDF
10 A Study of Gender Roles and Identities in "The Golden Notebook" From Feminist Perspective - Sidra Khalil 705-717 PDF
Vol 4 - No. 3 (July - Sept, 2018)

Vol 4 - No. 4 (Oct - Dec, 2018)
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1 Scientific Thinking Approach in the Holy Quran and Its Educational Implementation - Muhammad Akram Danish 718-740 PDF
2 The Role of Primary Education in Economic Development: A Case Study of District Multan-Pakistan - Muhammad Afzal 741-758 PDF
3 Role of Working Women in Economic Development of Pakistan - Bushra parveen 759-772 PDF
4 Female Participation in Labor Force and Its Impact on Household and National Income: Evidence From Pakistan - Rani Fatima Sadi 773-784 PDF
5 English as a Medium of Instruction: Investigating the Percepetions of Secondary School Students - Syeda Samrah Bukhari 785-806 PDF
6 Portrayal of Women in Ibsen’S Plays: A Feministic Perspective Analysis - Mariam Shafiq1 807-820 PDF
7 The Impact of Cybercrimes on the Efficiency of Banking Sector of Pakistan - Prof. Dr. Shaukat Malik 821-842 PDF
8 The Language Use and Attitudes of Students Towards English and Other Languages in the Multilingual Setting of Multan City - Suriya Perveen 843-869 PDF
9 Analysis of Curriculum Alignment at Elementary Level in Punjab-Pakistan - Shazia Nosheen 870-891 PDF
10 A Contrastive Study of Grammar Translation Method and Direct Method in Teaching of English Language at the Seconary Level in the District of Vehari-Pakistan - Muhammad Usman 892-932 PDF
Vol 4 - No. 4 (July - Sept, 2018)

Vol 5 - No. 1 (Jan - March, 2019)
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 Fiscal Disturbances and Inflation: Evidence from Pakistan - Waseem Alam 1-21 PDF
2 The Impact of Government Expenditures on Economic Development in Pakistan - Riffat Naseem 22-35 PDF
3 Perception of Primary School Teachers about Teaching Strategies and their Impact on Student Learning - Rabia Aslam 36-59 PDF
4 Analysis of Leadership Qualities of Head Teachers and their Impact on Schools Academic Performance - Dr. Abdul Jabbar 60-90 PDF
5 Causes of High Drop Out Ratio at Graduate Level: A Case Study of District Vehari - Pakistan - Tayyaba Rashid 91-115 PDF
6 Impact of Using Social Media on Academic Performance of Students at Graduate Level: Evidence From Pakistan - Suraya Kausar 116-142 PDF
7 Impact of Trade Restrictions on Export of Textile Industry in Pakistan - Sundus Anwar 143-164 PDF
8 Analysis of the Use of Dictionary at Seconday Level by Pakistani Learners - Nausher Ali 165-186 PDF
9 A Study of Discursive and Pragmatic Practices Used in Literary and Non-Literary Texts in Comtemporary Literature - Khadija Khadim 187-205 PDF
10 A Socio-Linguistic Study of English Loan Words in Pakistani Saraiki Newspaper "JHOKE" - Sarfaraz Ahmad 206-226 PDF
Vol 5 - No. 1 (Jan - March, 2019)

Vol 5 - No. 2 (April - June, 2019)
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 Impact of Minimum Wage Policies on Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan - Zahida 227-239 PDF
2 Democracy Versus Dictatorship in Pakistan: An Econometric Analysis - Saima 240-264 PDF
3 Pragmatic Evidence on Impulsive Buying: A Case of Shoe Brand - Sonia 265-284 PDF
4 A Comparative Study of P.B. Shelley and Habib Jalib as Revolutionary Poets - Ali 285-299 PDF
5 "Paradise": A Schism Between Premodern, Modern and Postmodern Cultural Conception - Amber 300-320 PDF
6 Investigating the Students Attitude Towards English as a Medium of Instruction: A Case Study of Graduate College - Jamshed 321-339 PDF
7 Comparative Study of the Modes of Accountability Practices in Public and Private Secondary Schools in Multan-Pakistan - Iffat 340-366 PDF
8 Exploring the Role of School Council in Promoting Elementary Education in Punjab-Pakistan - Mumtaz 367-379 PDF
9 En Motivation in English Creative Writing Skills - Beenish 380-401 PDF
10 Private Investment in Education Sector and Its Impact on Literacy Rate: Evidence From Pakistan - Waqar 383-394 PDF
Vol 5 - No. 2 (April - June, 2019)

Vol 5 - No. 3 (July - Sept, 2019)
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 The Impact of Teacher Academic Achievements of Students - Abdul Sattar 402-424 PDF
2 Impact of Sociocultural Factors on Academic Performance of Students in District Multan, Pakistan - Kiran Maria 425-452 PDF
3 Determinants of Efficiency in Small Scale Agri-Farm Production: A Case of Muzaffargarh-Pakistan - Zubairul Hassan 453-479 PDF
4 Causes of Trade Deficit and Its Impact on Pakistan’S Economic Growth - Sheeza Sadia Mukhtar 480-498 PDF
5 Socio-Economic Determinants of Tourism Development in Pakistan - Maryam Fatima Siddique 499-520 PDF
6 Customer Awareness and Its Satisfaction About Islamic Banking - Sobia Arshad 521-540 PDF
7 Socio-Economic Determinants of Environmental Degradation: A Case Study of District Muzaffargar - Mohammad Javed Akhter 541-562 PDF
8 Analysis of Inclusive Education in District Muzaffargarh-Pakistan - Shaheen Sadiq 563-582 PDF
9 Alienation and Struggle for Existence in House for Mr. Biswas by Aravind Adiga - Husnain Khurshid Gill 583-607 PDF
10 Gender Stereotypes in the Pakistani Novels - Haleema Rasheed 608-623 PDF
Vol 5 - No. 3 (July - Sept, 2019)

Vol 5 - No. 4 (Oct - Dec, 2019)
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 Impact of Globalization on Poverty in Pakistan - Afroz Umair 624-644 PDF
2 The Impact of Gender Inequality on Economic Growth in Pakistan - Hafiz Ammar 680-698 PDF
3 Impact of Technology Use in Agriculture on Economic Growth: Evidence From Pakistan - Sajeela James 699-717 PDF
4 Role of Social Media in Activation of Youth in Politics: A Case Study of District Khanewal - Saqib Mehmood 718-742 PDF
5 Impact of Early Childhood Education on Students’ Enrollment in Schools in District Multan-Pakistan - Muhammad Ismaeel 743-766 PDF
6 Causes of Low Liteacy Rates in Backward Areas of Tehsil Jala Pur Pirwala-Multan-Pakistan - Farzana Kausar 767-787 PDF
7 Impact of Motivational Policies on Employees’ Performance: A Case Study of Banking Sector in Pakistan - Zahid 788-811 PDF
8 Problems of Semester System in Public Sector Universities of Pakistan - Saima Munnawar 812-835 PDF
9 The Impact of Terrorism on Investment and Industry in Pakistan - Zaheer Hussain 836-855 PDF
Vol 5 - No. 4 (Oct - Dec, 2019)

Vol 6 - No. 1 (Jan - March, 2020)
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 Relationship Between Economic Freedom And Economic Growth In Pakistan - Irum Naeem 1-29 PDF
2 Impact Of External Debt On Ecoomic Growth Of Pakistan - Humaira Qasim 30-61 PDF
3 Role Of Government’S Sectors In The Economic Growth: Evidence From Pakistan - Muhammad Waseem 62-89 PDF
4 Relationship Between Fiscal Deficit And Economic Growth:Evidence From Pakistan - Jawaria Gulzar 90-113 PDF
5 The Development Of Health Sector And Poverty In Pakistan - Aabera Atta Janjua 114-133 PDF
6 Does Technological Advancement Really Affects Economic Growth Of Pakistan? - Fouzia Saeed 134-156 PDF
7 The Impact Of Leadership Styles On The Academic Achievements Of Students At Secondary Level In District Muzaffargarh - Dure-e-Najaf 157-183 PDF
8 The Impact Of Terrorism on Investment And Industry in Pakistan - Zaheer Hussain 184-203 PDF
9 Relationship Between Economic Growth and Environmental Degradation in Pakistan - Qurat ul ain 204-224 PDF
10 Impact of Motivational Techniques on the Learning of Students at Secondary Level in Distraict Muzaffar Garh - Munazza Kokab 225-250 PDF
Vol 6 - No. 1 (Jan - March, 2020)

Vol 6 - No. 2 (April - June, 2020)
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 Impact of External Debt on Poverty in Pakistan - Prof. Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman 251-271 PDF
2 Foreign Direct Investment, Financial Development and Economic Growth in Pakistan - Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman 272-292 PDF
3 Role of Quality Education in Sustainable Development of Pakistan - Syeda Fatima Hussain 293-319 PDF
4 Impact of Female Education on Poverty Reduction: An Evidence From Pakistan - Aasma Malik 320-336 PDF
5 Trade With China & Its Impact on Economic Growth of Pakistan - Rizwana Bibi 337-359 PDF
6 The Impact of Sectoral Investment on the Output of Different Sectors of Paksitan Economy - Naeem Shah 360-390 PDF
7 Effect of Functional Environment on Employees’Output: A Case Study of Banking Secctor in Pakistan - Tahira Liaqat 391-413 PDF
8 Discourse Analyis of the Novel Brat - Tassadduqe Bukhari 414-436 PDF
9 Factors Affecting the Performance of Female Teachers in Higher Secondary Schools of Sahiwal Division-Pakistan - Aasma Munnawar 437-463 PDF
10 Trade Liberalization and Economic Growth in Pakistan - Maria Latif 464- 491 PDF
Vol 6 - No. 2 (April - June, 2020)

Vol 6 - No. 3 (July - Sept, 2020)
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 Agriculture Productivity and Economic Growth: A Case of Pakistan - Aroosa Mukhtiar 492-516 PDF
2 Analysis of the Determinents of Commercial Banks - Misbah Batool 517-536 PDF
3 A Comparative Study of the Quality of Education in Public and Private Secondary Schools: A Case Study of Districts Khanewal and Vehari-Pakistan - Rana Rubab 537-558 PDF
4 A Study of the Perception of Teachers About Teaching Stratgies at Secondary Level in District Vehari - Shaista Aslam 559-586 PDF
5 The Impact Trade: An Econometric Analysis - Touseef Ahmed 587-612 PDF
6 The Effects of Technological Innovations on Employment: Evidence From Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan - Sidra Mushtaq 613-638 PDF
7 Impact of Trade Openess and Financial Inclusion on Economic Growth in Pakistan - Muhammad Talha Aziz 639-667 PDF
8 Impacts of Parents-Teachers Interaction on the Performance of Students - Saudi Mushtaq 668-86 PDF
9 Pronunciation Problems Faced by Saraiki Speakers in the Production of English Vowels - Hashim Malik 687-709 PDF
10 A Study of Emerging Technologies and Their Impact on Teach ing-Learning Process - Hussain Ahmad 710-734 PDF
Vol 6 - No. 3 (July - Sept, 2020)

Vol 6 - No. 4 (Oct - Dec, 2020)
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 The Impacts Of Mother Academic Achievements Of Her Child - Najma Shaheen 735-756 PDF
2 The Impact Of Monetary Expansion On Economic Growth In Pakistan - Sibgha Ali 757-784 PDF
3 Role Of Women In Household Development:An Economic Analysis - Shabana Parveen 785-805 PDF
4 The Demand For Municipal Services In Urban Slums: A Case Study Of Multan-Pakistan - Muhammad Tahir 806-824 PDF
5 Cultural Resistance And Afghan Women: A Critical Study Of “A Thousand Splendid Suns” - Naila Ghani 825-855 PDF
6 Informal Economy And Its Impact On Economic Development In Pakistan - Usman Khan 856-875 PDF
7 Effects of Early Marriages on Girls Education - Saima Mughal 876-894 PDF
8 The Effect Of Feedback Of Students On Teaching And Learning: A Critical And Comprehensive Analysis - Amjad Islam Amjad 895-927 PDF
9 The Implication Of Positively Reinforceing Interaction Among Family Members On Their Family Health: A Case Study Of District Khanewal - Ruba kanwal 928-951 PDF
10 Impact Of Factors Affecting Buying Decisions To Purchase Eco-Friendly Products - Adnan Ahmad Chughtai 952-973 PDF
Vol 6 - No. 4 (Oct - Dec, 2020)

Vol 7 - No. 1 (Jan - March, 2021)
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1 Impact of Zakat Reciepeitn on the Altruistic Motivation of Zakat Payers - Sonia Hassan 1-29 PDF
2 Investigating Teaching Practices of Female English Language Teachers at Elementary Schools in Rural Areas - Agha Masood Ahmad Khan 30-55 PDF
3 Role of Imf Programs in Stabilization of Pakistan'S Economy - Ramla Hussain 56-91 PDF
4 A Comparative Study of Attitude of Litrate and Illitrate Parents Towards Girls Education: A Case Study of District Khanewal - Rizwana Ashraf 92-114 PDF
5 Analysis of Gramatical Errors of Adjectives and Adverbs by Students in Their Creative Writing at Secondary Level in District Khanewal - Asifa Arshad 115-136 PDF
6 Financial Development and Income Inequality: A Case of Pakistan - Nagina Wajid 137-162 PDF
7 Relationship Between Foreign Direct Investment And - Riffat Rasheed 163-181 PDF
8 Effects of Social Media on Student’S Performance in Examination - Rabia Safeer 182-204 PDF
9 Translation and Validation of Personality Inventory for Pakistani Youth - Afshan Gul 205-228 PDF
10 Socio-Economic Problems of Working Women and Their Participation in Households Income and Poverty Alleviation: A Case Study of District Muzaffargarh - Quratulain Bandial 232-264 PDF
Vol 7 - No. 1 (Jan - March, 2021)

Vol 7 - No. 2 (April - June, 2021)
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1 Impact of Trade Openness on Economic Growth of Pakistan - Ufaq Shahzad 47-91 PDF
2 The Novel Deductive Approach Considering the Magnitude of Online Service Impacts for Consumers Purchase Objective Before a Transaction - Alwena Alvi 265-297 PDF
3 Imperialistic Ideologies and Racial Differences Represented in Forster’S Novel “A Passage to India” - Javed Miandad 324 - 349 PDF
4 Impact of Personality Traits on Investment Decisions Types: Evidence From Pakistan Stock Exchange - Safeena Sahar 350-378 PDF
5 Urbanization and Depletion of Natural Resources: A Case Study of Pakistan - Humaira Liaqat 379-407 PDF
6 Open Market Operation by State Bank of Pakistan and Its Impact on Economic Stability - Iram Yaqoob 408-432 PDF
7 The Relationship Between Technology and Crop Yield: Evidence From Pakistan - Muhammad Suleman 433-449 PDF
8 Monetary Policy and Employment Generattion in Pakistan - Mubashar Ali 450-474 PDF
9 A Study of Motivational Techniques Used by the Heads of High Schools and Their Impacts on the Performance of Teachers - Muhammad Sajjad 475-500 PDF
10 Contribution of Exports in Economic Growth: A Case of Pakistan - Saima Bibi 501-519 PDF
Vol 7 - No. 2 (April - June, 2021)

Vol 7 - No. 3 (July - Sept, 2021)
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1 A Comparitive Study of Errors in L2 Writing at Matriculation Level in Public and Private Schools in District Vehari-Pakistan - Naureen Nazir 520-544 PDF
2 Energy Prices and Its Impact on Household Consumption in Pakistan - Tahira Naseem 545-573 PDF
3 Determinants of Low Tax Revenue in Pakistan - Faisal Hayyat 574-599 PDF
4 Analysis of the Impact of Employees’ Training and Development on Organizational Performance - Rizwan Rashid 600-621 PDF
5 Currency Devaluation and Its Impact on Export Growth: The Case of Pakistan - Ausha Khan 622-644 PDF
6 Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of Tests Conducted By DTEs at Primary School Level - Perveen Akhtar 645-668 PDF
Vol 7 - No. 3 (July - Sept, 2021)

Vol 7 - No. 4 (Oct - Dec, 2021)
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1 Role of Social Media in Improving Academic Performance of Pakistani Students - Imran Hameed 669-691 PDF
2 Analysis of the Attitude of Teachers Towards Their Profession and Its Impact on Students’ Learning - Ibrar Hussain 692-718 PDF
3 Sense of Absurdity: Existentialism, a Desperate Loss of Identity With Special Reference to Samuel Beckett’S Selected Work (Waiting for Godot and Endgame) - Tehreem Shabbir 719-756 PDF
4 Impact of Covid-19 on Human Economic Well-Being and Living Standard in Pakistan - Mubarak Ali 757-783 PDF
5 Impact of Taxation and Inflation on Economic Growth of Pakistan - Amjad Majeed 784-811 PDF
Vol 7 - No. 4 (Oct - Dec, 2021)

Vol 8 - No. 2 (April - June, 2022)
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 Role of Small Enterprises in Economic Development - Farhat Jabeen 1-36 PDF
2 Corporate Governance and Its Impact on Small Investors of Listed Companies in Pakistan - Shahnaz Bibi 37-74 PDF
3 Product Recycling and Its Impact on Clean Environment in Pakistan - Bakhtawar 75-108 PDF
4 Role of Information Technology on Employment Generation: A Case Study of Pakistan - Sadia Zubair 109-134 PDF
5 Impact of Financial Innovations on the Performance of Banks in Pakistan - Janoobia Perveen 135-168 PDF
Vol 8 - No. 1 (Jan - March, 2022)

Vol 8 - No. 1 (Jan - March, 2022)
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 Role of Social Media in Promoting Brand Culture and Its Effects on Educated Youth - Ali Haider final 169-200 PDF
2 The Development of Renewable Resources and Their Impact on Electricity Generation in Pakistan - Shahid Akram 201-245 PDF
3 Impact of Currency Devaluation on Pakistan Economy - Kanwal 246-279 PDF
4 Use of Cohesive Devices in Khashwant Singh’S Novel “Train to Pakistan” - Nawaz Rana 280-303 PDF
5 Electricity Generation and Environmental Degradation in Pakistan - Memoona Iftikhar 304-333 PDF
Vol 8 - No. 2 (April - June, 2022)

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