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Prof. Dr. Nicholas Perdikis

Editorial Board

  • Prof. Dr. Gary Lynn, Howe School of Technology Management, Stevens Institute of Technology Hooken, NJ07030, U.S.A.
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Midmore, Professor of Economics, School of Management and Business, Llanbadarn Centre, Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom.
  • Prof. Dr. M. David Waterman, Directeur du d├ępartement LEA, Departement Langues Etrangeres Appliquees, France.
  • Prof. Dr. Jozef Colpaert, University of Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Prof. Dr Javed Ghulam Hussain, Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom.
  • Dr. Manne Bondesson, University of Lund, Sweden.
  • Dr. Sajjad M. Jasimuddin Professor (Professeur senior) of Management, Kedge Business School, France
  • Dr. Zafar Yaqub - King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Dr. Arshad Jamal-Northumbria University, United Kingdom.
  • Dr. Haider Shah- University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.
  • Prof. Dr. Ali Malik, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.
  • Mr. Zaffarullah Khan, University of Toronto, Canada.
  • Prof. Dr. Mehmet Asutay, Durham Centre for Islamic and Finance Business School, Durham University, UK
  • Dr. Alim Al Ayub Ahmad, ASA University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh
  • Prof. Dr. Abuzer Wajidi, Director, Institute of Health and Business Management, Jinnah Sindh Medical University, Karachi-Pakistan.
  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shaukat Malik, Dean, Business Commerce and Law and Director, Institute of Banking and Finance, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan
  • Prof. Dr. Zahir Faridi, School of Economics, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan-Pakistan.
  • Prof. Dr. Rana Ejaz Ali Khan, Chairman, Department of Economics, Islamia University of Bahawalpur - Pakistan.
  • Prof. Dr. Nasir Nadeem, Nawaz Sharif Agriculture University, Multan

Reviewers Board

  • Prof. Dr. Shah Nawaz Malik
  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Hafeez Chaudhri
  • Prof. Dr. Saeed Ur Rehman
  • Dr. Mumtaz Bhutta, King Abdul Aziz University, Saudia Arabia
  • Prof. Tanveer Akhtar Khan
  • Dr. Muhammad Sajjad, COMSAT University Veharri Campus
  • Prof. Dr. Abid Bhutta, COMSAT University Lahore
  • Prof. Dr. Rana Muhammad Akram
  • Dr. Farzana Kausar
  • Dr. Ammarah Ghafoor
  • Dr. Muhammad Tayyab Ghafoor
  • Dr. Junaid Zia Hashmi
  • Dr. Shahid Nawaz
  • Dr. Asma Kashif Shahzad.
  • Dr. Qazi Muhammad Adnan Hye
  • Dr. Haroon Hafeez
  • Prof. Dr. Zia Ahmad Dogar
  • Dr. Gulzar Ahmad, University of Sindh, Hyderabad
  • Dr. Abdul Jabbar Bhatti
  • Dr. Zohariah Saludin, Center for Economics and Business Studies, University Teknologi, MARA, Malaysia
  • Prof. Dr. Muhamad Akbar Sajid, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad
  • Dr. Raima Nazar
  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shafi, Foundation University, Islamabad
  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Siddique Sialvi

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