Global Journal of Management, Social Sciences and Humanities

An Open Access International Multidisciplinary Journal

ISSN: 2520 - 7121 (Online) | 2520 - 7113 (Print)

Scope Of Journal

Global Journal of Management & Social Sciences and Humanitie is a peer reviewed international journal and its goal is to become a leader in the field of research by publishing original research work of renowned and young scholars. This journal will publish original papers, case studies, research reports and conceptual articles in the following disciplines: -

1.    Management.

2.    Marketing.

3.    Human Resources Management.

4.    Banking.

5.    Finance.

6.    International Business.

7.    Accounting.

8.    Economics

9.    Psychology.

10.  Media Studies.

11.  International Relations.

12.  Population Studies.

13.  Emerging Economies Challenges.

14.  Corporate Governance.

15.  Corporate Social Responsibility.

16.  Gender Studies.

17.  Linguistics.

18.  Literature.

19.  Cross-Cultural Studies.

20.  Environmental issues.

21.  Education.

22.  Poverty.

23.  Income inequality.

24.  Human Resources Development.

25.  Regional issues.

26.  Entrepreneurship.

27.  Supply Chain Management.

28.  Public Administration.

29.  Sociology.

30.  Philosophy.

31.  Innovations

The above fields of different discipline highlight the wide scope of this journal. It also reflects the determination of editorial board to provide opportunities to the researchers to get published their research work of different discipline on a single platform and also study the variety of creative work of renowned scholars in a single issue. The Board expects that the scholars from different parts of the world will reap benefit of the wide scope of this journal


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Author's Guidelines

The authors are requested to carefully read the following requirements before submitting manuscript.

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